Getting Started:

Open a BlueJar for anyone you love. Simply visit the registration page and enter your name, date of birth, name and date of birth of BlueJar recipient, and then let us know how you know them - mom, dad, aunt, uncle, fiance, grandma - you get the point"


Who Gets A Blue Jar?

BlueJar is the world's only application dedicated to capturing life's beautiful moments. BlueJar isn't about you - it's about someone you love. Parents open jars for their children, spouses open jars for one another, best friends open jars to share birthday and event milestones - some people even open them for their new puppy - you determine who receives this precious gift. At BlueJar, we believe everyone's life if worth chronicling and that anyone who love's someone should open a BlueJar.


Who do I invite to my BlueJar?

Invite whoever you like to participate in your BlueJar. Given that a large number of our users are kid focused, many of our users invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents and close family friends. Of course, your BlueJar is specific to you, so get creative. If you've opened a BlueJar account around a birthday party or reunion - invite people that are invited to the actual event. Grant them access prior to the party so they can share funny stories, photographs and memories of the individual being celebrated. During the party take pictures and video to upload to your BlueJar account. What better way to share the event than by presenting the birthday girl with a BlueJar Chronicle.


What do I put in my BlueJar?

BlueJar is unique in that all your memories can be captured and uploaded on the go. Once you've downloaded the BlueJar app to your mobile device, you can capture and upload photos, videos, audio and text messages (without character limits - write two words or write a short novel to your loved one). Of course, BlueJar is meant to be shared - so all of these features are available through our website for relatives that prefer to interact from their computer. Stumped on what moments to include in a BlueJar ... we can help! Of course you will determine what's memorable or important, but we will send you ideas and ask you specific questions through Writing Prompts.


What are the Writing Prompts?

Writing prompts are one of the single most unique aspects of BlueJar. We review the registration information for each participant and their relationship to the recipient in order to ask pertinent questions periodically to help people build their Jars. For example, if a child is seven years old, you may receive a prompt that asks "How much money has the tooth fairy dropped at your house this month?" You determine the frequency of BlueJar Writing Prompts - receive them as often or as rarely as you like. (Writing Prompt frequency can be altered in "Account Settings").


How do I Share My Memories?

BlueJar was created by Dan Hogan who's mom maintained an actual blue ceramic jar in her home and would add hand written notes as life went along. Today, Dan's jar sits in his office so that he can find daily inspiration as to WHY we do this ... and so that he can crack the rest of us up with his childhood exploits. While this is great - carrying the jar around gets cumbersome. We have found a way to make BlueJar easily accessible to everyone. Not only can you invite others to share and view comments and memories in a BlueJar account - you can visit our BlueJar store and create annual scrapbooks, keepsakes, purchase an actual BlueJar to keep on your counter (just like Dan's mom), as well as frames for your favorite pictures. We also offer the BlueJar Chronicle, free of charge, to be viewed and shared on your mobile device.


What is a BlueJar Chronicle?

Let's add a photo of the chronicle and say something like "It's too cool to put into words - but this is what it looks like"


Where do All of My Memories Go?

BlueJar has taken a different approach to traditional social networking than most organizations. We believe that your memories belong to you. Currently we store all of your photos, videos, etc on secure servers in the Cloud and only your BlueJar circle has access to this data. As we grow, your storage options will also grow - allowing you to sync your precious moments with pre-existing cloud storage accounts or to your external hard drive.


How does BlueJar respect my privacy?

The short answer is that BlueJar does not read your data nor do we sell your information to anyone. Period. We do offer our users an opportunity to nominate priceless moments to the "Best of the BlueJar" publications at your discretion. The long answer is in our Privacy Policy.


How secure are my memories?

BlueJar stores our users data across a network of data centers in the US (Northern California), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Singapore and Tokyo). Your memories are redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities. In addition, you are an active part of our data protection model as we send to you for safekeeping a BlueJar Chronicle on a regular basis for you to keep safe and enjoy.


What happens to my memories if I close my account?

Upon termination of any BlueJar account the memories filed since the delivery of the last Yearbook will be compiled into the rich media yearbook format and sent to each of the jar's contributors.


How much does it cost?

We have decided to approach the development and launch of this service as a partnership between you, our users, and BlueJar …a noble experiment if you will. We allow anyone to create a BlueJar and invite their friends and family to participate - and to do so for FREE. We hope you will enjoy the process of preserving these beautiful moments. Of course, there are real and ongoing costs associated with the development and release of BlueJar and we recognize that at some point we will have to charge a nominal fee for memory storage. We at BlueJar are committed to keeping future costs as low as possible and can only do so if we have many, many active BlueJars. So, please invite people to join your jars, tell your friends about BlueJar, and we will find ways to reward you with coupons, discounts and great new technology.*


Isn't this like Facebook Timeline?

NO! Facebook and most social networking sites are designed to be open and connected to the masses. In contrast, BlueJar is intimate and familial. Yes, users can post photos and make comments on Facebook - but the sharing, the audience and the intent of BlueJar is very different. BlueJar is about someone you love.


*Coupons, discounts, special offers and the like are not currently part of the BlueJar business model - but we will keep you posted as things unfold.