Capture, or recount, any of the memorable moments your loved one brings to your life.
Using your computer or smartphone, take a photo, shoot a video or type in a memory of your loved one. Create a Jar for them and start saving moments.
Upload those moments directly into your loved one’s BlueJar from your computer or right from your phone.
Instantly save the photo, video or audio right from your smartphone; leave a video message for your loved one using your computer's camera device or type it in with the keyboard and start creating a piece of history for them to cherish forever. We'll send you scheduled, customized email alerts to help you craft your loved one's story.
Once that moment is dropped in the jar, everyone who shares that jar, like Grandma, Aunt Sally, and Uncle Bob, will get to also enjoy that moment.
Invite friends and family to enjoy your loved one's moments and control what they see and when they see it. As the the Jar administrator, you have the authority to share moments for all, or keep precious moments private.
And share their thoughts…
Your loved one's closest friends and family members can help contribute to their story. Let them contribute and gain other perspectives on memories they recall. To quote Robert Burns, "What awesome gift some power would give us, to see ourselves as others see us."
…and everyone can rest assured that those memories are safe in the jar!
BlueJar prides itself on keeping your loved one's moments locked up like a vault. Your entries are the most precious commodities to us - as they are to you - and we strive to keep those memories safe for as long as you use the site.
Then every year all BlueJar users receive an annual Chronicle, like a yearbook, of all the submissions into the Jar that year.
The BlueJar Chronicle is a record of everything you and your contributors have put in the Jar - or just a segment of those moments. Customize and download your BlueJar Chronicle at any time or receive our automatic annual Chronicle - it's a piece of history that your loved one will keep forever.
BlueJar is where you can go to enjoy these memories whenever you wish…days, months or years later.
Keep coming back to BlueJar for as long as you like, we'll be here to keep your moments safe.